The Evolution of Albion New York Chamber of Commerce



The Albion, New York Chamber of Commerce has played a pivotal role in the economic and cultural development of the village since its inception. Nestled along the Erie Canal between Buffalo and Rochester, Albion was first settled around 1809 and incorporated in 1826. The village's strategic location along the canal, which connected the Great Lakes with the Hudson River and the Atlantic Ocean, was instrumental in its early growth and prosperity.

Early Beginnings and Economic Growth

Albion's early economy was bolstered by its position as a canal town, which facilitated commerce and transportation. The village quickly developed a bustling commercial corridor, with buildings dating back to 1827. Many of these structures were constructed using Medina Sandstone, a locally quarried material renowned for its durability and aesthetic appeal. This sandstone was used in notable buildings such as Buckingham Palace and the New York State Capitol.

Formation and Early Activities

The Albion Chamber of Commerce was established to support and promote local businesses, fostering a thriving economic environment. Over the years, the Chamber has been instrumental in various initiatives aimed at revitalizing the village's economy. One of the key projects was the collaboration with the Albion Main Street Alliance, the New York Governor’s Council, and SUNY Brockport to create a tourism marketing plan focused on heritage and agricultural tourism. This initiative led to the formation of the 98-Corridor Coalition, which produced promotional materials and regional maps highlighting local attractions.

Heritage and Tourism Initiatives

Albion's rich history and well-preserved architecture have made it a prime destination for heritage tourism. The village boasts two National Register Historic Districts and a historic cemetery, attracting thousands of tourists annually. The Chamber has worked tirelessly to promote these attractions, partnering with local schools and organizations to create educational programs such as the “Walk the Canal” program and a service learning class where students researched and maintained a historic cemetery.

Economic Revitalization Efforts

In 2009, Albion became a Certified Local Government, furthering its commitment to historic preservation and economic revitalization. This designation enabled the village to access additional resources and support for its preservation efforts. Within three years, the public-private partnership led by the Chamber resulted in a net increase of 11 new businesses, over 25 new jobs, and nearly $600,000 in private investment for building renovations.

Community Engagement and Events

The Chamber has also been active in organizing community events that celebrate Albion's heritage and foster a sense of community. The annual Home, Garden & Outdoor Show, held in collaboration with the Orleans County Chamber of Commerce, is one such event. Timed with special events like the solar eclipse, this show features food vendors, family activities, and workshops, drawing visitors from across the region.

In Summary

The Albion, New York Chamber of Commerce has been a cornerstone of the village's development, promoting economic growth, historic preservation, and community engagement. Through its various initiatives and partnerships, the Chamber continues to enhance the quality of life in Albion, ensuring that it remains a vibrant and thriving community for future generations.


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