Meet Daniel - The Man Behind The Logo

Daniel W. Wysocki

Welcome History Enthusiasts and Collectors!

My Passion For History Began In A Very Typical Childish Way — By Watching A Movie.

Specifically, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, A Collaboration Between George Lucas And Steven Spielberg.

Little Did I Know This Cinematic Adventure Would Spark - Not Only Countless Hours Of Personal Imaginary Adventures - But A Lifelong Fascination With Stories Of The Past.

Getting To See The Second Installment - Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom - In The Theater Is An Experience I Will Always Cherish As A Childhood Memory.

As Time - Seemingly Slowly - Passed, During The Summer Of 1993 Before The Beginning Of Senior Year Of High School, I Was Fortunate Enough To Be One Of 30 Students Selected Nationwide As Part Of A National Science Foundation Sponsorship Program To Participate In A High School Field Study Program Ran By The Center For American Archeology In Kampsville, Ill.

During This Program, I Had The Opportunity To Participate Hands-On In Archeological Fieldwork, Laboratory Work, Cataloging And Identifying Artifacts Alongside College / Graduate Students And Professional Archeologists.

This Program Still Operates Today And Highly Recommend The Experience. There Are Also Undergraduate, Graduate, Professional And Amateur Adult Programs Available Beyond The High School Program.

I Entered College Focused On Religious Ideologies Shaping Cultures. Also During This Time, There Were Some Personal Considerations Of Entering The Seminary. I Did Not Choose That Path But Still Enjoy Religious Studies.

As Time Moved Forward, So Did The Direction Of My Attention. Moving, Broadly Speaking, From Ancient History Religious Cultures Into Wealth Centric Cultures Brought My First Step Into Economics Even Though I Was Still Studying History.

As The Thought Evolution Took Place Into More Modern History, Studying Recent History And Modern Sociology Went Hand-In-Hand As I Continued Researching Economics, Both Recent History And Modern.

This Led Me Into The Business Department At The University.

By Graduation, I Went From Considering The Seminary And Studying Religion To Graduating With A Triple Major Bachelor Of Arts In Business Administration, Economics And Marketing With A Minor In Accounting.

Ultimately, The Career Path Has Been In The Business Services Industry As I Continue To Enjoy History From The Perspective Of A Hobby And For Pure Enjoyment.

I Have Reached The Point In My Life - Time Seems To Be Moving Seemingly Faster - That I Wish To Devote More Time Into A Hobby Of Enjoyment Instead Of Devoting A Majority Of Time Into The Traditional Rat-Race. (Have You Seen What's Going On Out There? I Mean, C'mon.)

This Is The Reason I Created - It's A Way To Spend Time Researching Items And Sharing These Interesting Tidbits Of History With You.

If You Have Read This Far, I Sincerely Thank You.

It Is My Pleasure To Have You Here.

I Am A One Person Operation And Consider Each Historical Item Here Part Of My Personal Archives Until An Artifact Finds A New Collector That Honors It's Physical Contribution To Our Shared History As I Do.

As You Browse, It Is My Hope, As Insignificant As It May Be, That You Leave This Website Knowing Something You Did Not Know Before.

Peace Be With Us All.