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1961 Israel State Medal - Bronze - Second International Bible Contest - Mishnah Talmud

1961 Israel State Medal - Bronze - Second International Bible Contest - Mishnah Talmud

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Vintage Original 1961 Bronze Israel State Medal - Second International Bible Contest

Some Wear And Staining - Box In Good Vintage Condition With Weakening Corners And Tearing - Also Handwriting On Box

The Bible is the foundation of Jewish culture. The Mishnah is based upon the Bible and later the Talmud. The Midrashic literature, originating during the Second Commonwealth Era, draws its texts from the Bible. The Bible has had tremendous influence upon Christian culture as well. It has been translated into two hundred languages and some individual books of the Bible have been translated into a thousand tongues and dialects. Social reformers have drawn inspiration from it, citing its verses. In Israel specific periods have been set for the International Bible Contests.

Obverse: On the right a replica of a jar containing the Dead Sea Scrolls. On the left, an ancient scroll. Above, the State emblem. On the rim, an inscription in Hebrew "The Second International Bible Contest Jerusalem 5722" followed by the French translation, the date being 1961.

Reverse: An antique Jewish oil lamp showing the seven-branched candelabra in relief. Above, the verse "Oh how I love thy law" (Psalms 119.97). In a semi-circle, above, the same verse in ancient Greek based upon the septuagint.

Edge: The State emblem and the words "State of Israel" in Hebrew and English

Designer: Rothschild and Lippmann ("Roli")

Engraving: Kretschmer

Mint: Kretschmer

Issue Name: 2nd International Bible Contest

Series Name: Memorials & Commemorativen Box

The Holy Land Mint

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